Pinellas County, Florida has a mobile electronics and chemical drop off scheduled for North Pinellas County on April 24, 2021. See the video below for a quick overview on the electronics collection and chemical drop off process.

What to Bring:

  • Electronics: Cell phones, computer towers/CPUs, drives (e.g. hard drives, CD drives), laptops, monitors, electronics with rechargeable batteries (if possible, remove battery from device, place device in garbage), smart phones, tablets, televisions (must be whole).
  • Chemicals: Automotive fluids (including oil, antifreeze, and gasoline), fuels (e.g. kerosene), cooking oil, lawn and garden chemicals (e.g. pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers), paints (dried paints and empty cans should be disposed of in garbage), stains, paint thinner, solvents, wood preservatives, adhesives and epoxies, aerosols, cleaners, smoke detectors, rechargeable batteries (dispose of single-use batteries in trash), lead-acid batteries, and fluorescent bulbs.

For more details on the collection and scheduled dates, visit

For larger items to be dumped, contact us to schedule a junk pickup. Dump fees are always included!